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Salsa Syllabus


Novice 1 Level

Important Concepts in Novice 1 Level

1) Principle of Weight Change

2) "Shopping Cart" Dancing Frame

3) Proper Hand Hold for Connecting with Partner

Novice 1 Level

1) Salsa Basic in Closed Hold, and in Open Hold

2) Cross Body Lead in Closed Hold, and in Open Hold

3) Lady: Underarm Right Turn ( Man: One Hand & Two Hand Leads)

Man: Right Turn on 1-3


Novice 2 Level

Improtant Concepts in Novice 2 Level

1) Making Weight Transfer Faster & Being On Time

2) Connecting With Partner

3) "Rubber Banding" & "Sticky Fingers" in Partner Dancing ( Compression/Extension)

4) Hearing Clave Timing & Structure and Tumbao Rhythm

Novice 2 Level Moves

1) Lady's Walk

2) Sugar Push

3) Drop N Catch

4) Basic LA Snap Out

5) Back Spot Turn


Intermediate Level

Improtant Concepts in Intermeidate Level

1) Using "Standing Leg", and Cuban Motion

2) Connecting with Partner Better

3) Use of Turning Techniques: Prep, Using Upper Body, Spotting, Foot Pressure

4) Musical Clarity - Recognizing Different Rhythms, Controlling Speed, & Change of Timing

Intermediate Level Moves

1) Leader: Lady's Walk Ending in Shadow Position; Cross Body Lead Ending in Shadow Position; Shadow Cross Body Lead & Variations

2) Basket & Variations

3) Wrap/Cuddle/ Butterfly & Variations

4) Lady's Travelling Turns - Left & Right; Lady's Arm Styling Through Traveling Turns

5) Advanced LA Snap Outs & Variations

6) Basic Copa & Variations


Advanced Level Moves

1) 360 Degree Turn & Variations

2) Advanced Copa & Variations

2) Quick Left & Right Combo Traveling Turns

Styling Elements


Styling: (Lady's) Hair Comb, Diva Pose, Head Roll, Kick, Tap, Hip Roll, Catwalk, Swivel, Body Roll, Run, Ronde

Styling: (Man's) Head Loop, Hand Throw


Salsa Styling & Tricks Syllabus

Syllabus - Styling & Tricks






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Night Club Style Salsa-Bachata-Kizoma-Latin Dancing Class -- New Salsa session starts on May 17th.

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Nightclub Style Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba Taught By Cleveland Salsa Passion



Now "Night Club Style Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba" Dance Lessons Offered in Beachwood, Ohio

Class taught by Cleveland Salsa Passion and Dance With Me Dance Studio Instructors:

Location:  Dance With Me Dance Studio
  3637 S. Green Rd. Suite 3A
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Call (216) 385-6096 for Class Details

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