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Salsa Dance Styles

The following are currently popular styles in North America.

LA style:
Among the many styles of social salsa dance, we teach salsa on1 - LA style. Man leads by going forward on count 1 (and breaks on 1, so it is called salsa on 1), and incorporates various other night club style dances, particularly lady's stylized arms and spins. LA style is known for its flashness perhaps due to dips, tricks, and aerials wherever it may be coming from. But, on a crowded social floor, tricks and aerials are to be restrained. Danced in a slot.

LA Style Salsa Dance Workshop by Leon Rose


New York Style:
In New York style, man steps back on 1(left foot), and steps back again on 2 (right foot)( and breaks 2, so it's called salsa on 2, ANd the salsa dancers who dance this way call it "New York mambo" or "mambo on 2"). The style is characterized by its precision (called control) and is infuenced by mambo as well as hustle styling. Incorporates cuban tangled arms but no tricks or aerials here. Eddie Torres is the person who popularized this style, and the all the moves in NY style can be translated into LA style (salsa on 1). Danced in a slot. When in New York, do as New Yorkers do.

Eddie Torres and Nancy Ortiz New York Style Salsa Exhibition


Cuban style
Cuban style can be characterized by its circular patterns (man and lady goes around each other), and tangled (interlocking) arms, and is often danced to a faster tempo music with strong emphasis on rhythmic section of the orchestra. Both New York style and LA style borrow interlocking arms moves from Cuban style, and stylize arms further. But in New York style and LA style, partners dance in slots, rather than going around each other in a circular pattern as in Cuban style salsa.

Cuban Salsa Master: Beautiful Rendition of Cuban Salsa


Dance Technique:
We encourage salsa dancers to improve in techniques so you can go beyond dancing as a beginner. There are many components in technique as follows but not limited to.

  • Leg action
  • Body action
  • Timing
  • Musicality
  • Partnering
  • Styling
  • Mood


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