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What is your dance IQ?

-Choose between A and B in the following. 


Q 1. What happened to the great partner dancing?

Answer A: "It's a passé"

Answer B: "Salsa Passion"

Q 2. What is Salsa Passion?

Answer A.
"To love, eat, and use salsa as often as possible, with a lot of passion - for instance, on nacho chips, on hamburgers, and on french fries - with a hope that even mere junk food turns into something great with the addition of salsa."

Answer B.
"To learn the art of salsa dancing, and spread the enjoyment of the art form with passion."

Now Calculate your dance IQ as follows:

Qustion 1.
Answer A---10 points
Answer B----40 points
Quesion 2.
Answer A---10 points
Answer B----40 points

Now add up all the points, and see below.

Your Dance IQ Description

90-100 : Your are a salsa dance genius. But, to make sure, get your math skills tested please.

70-89: You are very bright in dance IQ. We also recommend you can improve your dance IQ further by doing more salsa dance.

40-69: You dance IQ is average. We recommend you take some salsa dance lessons and then take this test one more time. We assure you that your dance IQ can improve for sure.

11-39: Your dance IQ is pathetic. We recommend that you go have some nacho then take another test to see if it gets any better.

0-10: We cannot decide what your true dance IQ is. We recommend that you go take math class before you attempt another test here.


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