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Group Class Schedule*

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* The class schedules are subject to change. Please contact Sean by sending e-mail to to pre-register and confirm the schedule. You need instructor's permission to attend intermediate and advanced classes.

To pre-register, all you have to do is to send e-mail to and say that you want to reserve the seat in the class. You can purchase Novice 1 level 5-week pass ($75.00) on-line here or you can pay at the end of the first class. The cost of Novice 2 and above level classes are $50.00 for the 5-weeks and you can pay at the end of the first class.

Phone inquiry: (216) 501-3112





"Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba" (At FITNATICS BY ANGIE! )
8:00 - 8:45 pm


Novice Level 1 Club Salsa ($75.00 for 5-week pass)

This class focuses on learning basic social dance moves, music, and partnering techniques for beginning dancers.


8:45 - 9:30 pm


Novice Bachata/Kizomba ($75.00 for 5-week pass)

This course will help new dancers build foundations for bachata and kizomba which are the other popular dances in Latin or salsa nightclubs. Please inquire about start date.



"Salsa" (At One More Step Dance Studio)
7:00 - 7:45 pm



Novice Level 1 Club Salsa ($75.00 for 5-week pass)

Salsa basic, turns, footwork, lead and follow, styling for social dancing will be covered.

Novice 1 Syllabus

7:45 - 8:30 pm


Novice Level 2 + Intermediate Level Salsa ($50.00 for 5-week pass)

For those who finished Novice Level 1 Salsa or equivalent. This class focuses on learning Novice Level 2 and intermediate level techniques and patterns, as well as improving salsa footwork, leading and following techniques, and using variations of rhythm and timing to dance salsa musically.


Dear Cleveland Salsa Passion students:

If you are coming to the class, please read more.....

These classes are designed to help dancers get a grasp of the very important dance techniques as well as some important school figures. Anyone who attends a salsa group class can go out there and do a move. It takes less than one hour to learn a move. But what makes a dancer look good is the technique. It takes months and months or years to learn these techniques. We cover many important LA style salsa moves as well as techniques. It is so important to invest your time in learning to do the correct basic moves and building your dance on this foundation.

I do recommend that you read more about in-depth Latin dance techniques (for example, When you come to my class, I will show you how these techniques are applied to social Latin dances - particularly salsa & bachata. Thank you for your support, and keep on dancing!




Novice Club Salsa 1
Novice Bachata/Kizomba

$75.00 for a 5-week Session Pass*

Novice Club Salsa 2**

Intermediate Club Salsa **

$50.00/ 5-week pass*

* You must pay $75.00 or $50.00 at the end of the 1st class of the 5-week session. The 5-week pass will not expire after the 5-week period. So you can come back and use unused credits toward other classes. However, once purchased, the class fee is non-refundable. Also if you miss classes during the 5-week sessions, you can attend make-up sessions during the next or future 5-week periods.


Class Location:

Monday Fitnatics by Angie  

4440 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, OH 44121

Thursday One More Step Dance Studio  

4431 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, OH 44121



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Novice Club Salsa:

You will learn basic salsa / bachata/ merengue ----.
Focus will be on basic steps, timing, and lead and follow.


Intermediate Salsa:

You will learn various turns & patterns, spins, and combo patterns of the basic moves.


Advanced Salsa:

You will polish your techniques and learn some rather flash moves and patterns that will wow others.



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