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Sean Youn dancing fun salsa with Alana Kish at Dance With Me Studio Dance Party

My name is Sean Youn - the founder and principal dance instructor/choreographer of Cleveland Salsa Passion. I started dancing salsa since early 2000s. I became an enthusiastic ballroom dancer a few years earlier. I was thirsty for lots of social dancing, and I was involved in also swing dancing, hustle and Westcoast swing. Throughout the early 2000s, I started going to local salsa clubs. I think it was about 2005 when I saw a friend and a lady visiting from Florida dancing salsa, I realized that it was different from the salsa I was doing. It involved lady's beautiful turns and it looked really beautiful and stylized. I learned that it was LA style salsa. Even though I had pretty good background in all styles of ballroom and Latin dancing, I decided that I need to learn that specific style. It was around 2008 - 2009 that I wanted to become very good at it. After a few more years of intensive learning and practicing, I started to teach salsa classes locally. Salsa dancing became my passion.

What is it like to be involved in salsa dancing? I was at Granada in Los Angeles, CA. This is one of the most popular dance hall where hundreds of salsa dancers in Los Angeles area dance the night away on weekend nights. I had so much fun dancing the salsa, and as a matter of fact, I was going out every night of the week to dance everywhere in Los Angeles area. Every night of the week, I was visiting different salsa clubs, and I was having fun dancing every night during that week while I was visiting LA. As a matter of fasct, I took the liberty of recording the video of some other dancers while I was there.


Salsa Dancing at The Granada, Los Angeles

This scene happens almost every night, and everwhere in the world in most of the major cities now. Imagine a night of fun and exciting dancing with other dancers or your special one at a local salsa night club! ......You will be dancing to the beat of Latin-inspired rhythms. Throughout a night at the salsa club, dancers move their hips to exciting beat of the drums. You will be mingling with many people who have the same hobby and passion as you. At the end of the night, you may be exhausted but you will be all smiling and happy that you had a great fun night. You will be thinking, 'I just can't wait till I come out for another night of salsa dancing'.......

Sean and Alana during a dance performance in Chagrin Falls, OH


After winning the first place at 2015 Nazca Open Salsa Competition

After Salsa Dance Class For Spanish Club at Local High School

Sean Youn dancing a show salsa dance with Meihla Petroff at an local art event.


Sean Youn demonstrating kizomba dance at Canton Museum of Art World Fair Event


I welcome you to Cleveland Salsa Passion. Please join me and my fellow dancers and instructors in learning, dancing, and sharing the joy of dancing salsa and other Latin dances.

So what is it that Cleveland Salsa Passion offers?

We specialize in teaching club style salsa, bachata, and kizomba. All these three dances are popular in Latin Night Clubs and salsa venues. And we focus on builiding very sound fundamentals for partner dancing - based on technique and connections.

Among the various styles of salsa, we teach LA stye salsa. Keep in mind that there are other styles of salsa(such as New York Style or Cuban) and it's up to you to decide what style you want to learn. Also we make sure that you learn to lead or follow in salsa dancing. This lead-and-follow skills are the key to enjoying social salsa dancing. We do teach this strong dance frame work in our group classes, and not just patterns.

Also group lessons are good to get you started. But if you want to get all the details and techniques or get good fast, I strongly recommend you taking up private lessons. You will get personal attention, and you will have the flexiblility of scheduling it to fit your schedule. Here below see what our previous students have learned in 5 weeks of private lesson.







You will find out it's not that easy to become very good at dancing. But if you make effort to learn and practice, you will become good at it. And there is a lot of joy and fun during this process. Life is a journey someone said. Learning to dance will certainly make the journey so much fun and meaningful !!!!!

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Cleveland Salsa Passion is a salsa and Latin dance school and is based in Cleveland, OH.